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Find out more about our solutions and thoughts. We try to keep things informative. Feel free to also get in touch to discuss any of these topics - we like chatting with good people :)

Our News

Our latest development is so new, it doesn't quite have a name yet!

In conjunction with our friends at the Taktikon consultancy, we will be visiting Stockholm on the 30th of January 2024. There, we will run a competition for hoteliers, who will help us name this rather extraordinary new product (currently simply called 'cookiebite').

Find more information about cookiebite (the product) by downloading a .pdf file here.

The very, very new product

Cookiebite is proud to announce the development of some truly exciting functionality, in a unique bespoke project for Upgrade2 - the post reservation international specialist firm. We have now delivered a new tool that permits UP2 to deliver low-cost and incredibly easy-to-implement contactless check-in for hotels (irrespectively of what technology is found hotel-side).

Cookiebite is proud to present the Cookiebite Consolidated Interface Middleware (CCIM) - also known as the 'Plugin Wall'. This solution is designed to help e-commerce and IT specialists in the hotel industry, who aim to bypass the difficulties that come with more than one suppliers providing their CRS, CRM, GDS, Booking Engine, PMS and Channel Manager solutions. 

Our Latest

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