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So new, it doesn't have a name yet

Help Us Name Our Product!

Please read our product information sheet (.pdf) here and help us name our product.

For every entry (here) we will plant 5 trees through our partners We will send you a certificate of the trees planted, alongside our thanks!

In addition, the winner will get 6 months of this (yet to be named) product for their hotels, without any charges!

For any questions simply email-us here or contact us using the menu option above/form below.

With 11 excellent entries during our participation to the Revenue Forum event in Sweden, we are now planting 55 trees (5 for each entrant) to thank everyone who tried to help. We were also thinking - why not invite more?!

Global Revenue Forum - Stockholm 2024

Roadmap to Resilience

Cookiebite is an unusual company. We do things in collaboration with our customers, and that starts from the word 'go'.

As Cookiebite now has a unique new product to offer (that does things which nobody else does yet) we decided to ask hoteliers to help us name it!

In this well-respected, Taktikon Consultancy organised Global Revenue Forum event, Cookiebite will be running a competition that will help us name our new product!

Participants will be given the opportunity to block some time with the company CEO, Mr. Vladimir Martinov, and once they understand what the product does, they will be given a chance to select a name for it!

At the end of the event, we will be having a new name for something so new, we don't know what to call it yet!

So new, we don't know what to call it yet...

+44 7936 808 326


Prof. G Bradistilov 6, office 3.1,
Sofia, Bulgaria

Cookiebite and Cookiebite.NET are marketing names (and trademarks) of Cookiebite Limited, an EU Registered Company.

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