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Hospitality Software Specialists

We develop software exclusively on a 'community model'. This means we can re-use the code we write, bringing down costs for you, whilst ensuring maintenance and extraordinary support.

Doing Things Differently

We use commercial agreements that permit us to work with the latest security infrastructures. With extensive experience in handling very sensitive data, we are well-positioned to ensure that your guests' data is in secure, experienced hands.

Security & Compliance

Because we work exclusively in the hospitality space, we are easy to talk to, and we understand your language. 

This way we can offer elegant technology solutions for your hospitality business, with bespoke design elements to match your needs, delivered without fuss.

Bespoke & Informed

Because each coding language has its strengths and weaknesses, we offer solutions combining technologies in a modular manner.

With purpose-appropriate languages  and components in use every time, the scale of specialisation we offer you is hard to come by.

All the right languages

The team at Cookiebite comprises of product managers and engineers. That is it! We are all extremely comfortable with the navigation of technology projects, and we are all obsessed with delivering our projects in time, with high quality, and within budget!

Within scope

Our customers drive us. People like you, who love to explore as much as we do – to push the boundaries. We take pride in offering our hospitality customers, elegant software solutions.

Elegant Software Solutions

Our new, new Product

In line with out community product development, and inspired by our partners, we have now delivered a product that is so new, it doesn't have a name yet! We will be launching this piece of cookiebite magic at the next TAKTIKON-held Revenue Forum 2024 event in Stockholm, where we will also hold a hotelier competition, that will help us name it. If on the 30th of January you are either in Sweden or the UK, then please come and see us!

After a reservation is done, your customers' mindset changes. This is the point where they stop being bookers, and they start being your guests!

CCB developed the powerful cloud-native UP2 solution for Upgrade2 - a company that enables hoteliers to increase revenues and guest satisfaction at the same time!

UP2 developed by CCB

Beehive's technology needs were extensive. Multiple locations required a robust architecture, designed to serve people working from offices or home. This included seamless 'follow the sun' telephony services, always in secure cloud based environments. In addition we delivered reporting with several third party systems, that supported hoteliers. 

Beehive's technology partners

Hoteliers often struggle to create an environment with their selected partners. One of the main reasons is that the partners' systems don't always 'talk to each other'. At Cookiebite we have created a solution that allows for a single reusable interface point to become a connectivity hub for all your partners. This way, changing  or adding a partner is more of a 'plug and play' experience!

A connectivity 'multiplug'

Consolidated Interface Middleware

Other hospitality products developed by cookiebite

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A success story every time

Sr. Technical Director, Beehive 

Aziz Patel

The software engineers knew more than I could have hoped for in terms of the hospitality industry, and they were knowledgeable, polite, consistent and completely focused on delivering the project within scope. That, combined with value for money, has turned Cookiebite to our number one long-term software partner!

Chief Technical Officer, Upgrade2

Konstantinos Damianakis

Given that this was a complex and immersive project with technological challenges and actual breakthroughs required by them, I was deeply impressed. Our code is elegant, the system is easy to use, and we love knowing that there is always someone to rely on when we need more interfaces. Fully recommended.

Chief Technology Officer, OnTheDot

Barry Ray

Cookiebite offered support for software development of a large, unified central reservations systems that functioned both as a B2C booking engine, but also a B2B platform for hotels and agencies. Their wide skill-set and complete single-mindedness in delivering within scope, made Cookiebite a very solid partner.


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Prof. G Bradistilov 6, office 3.1,
Sofia, Bulgaria

Cookiebite and Cookiebite.NET are marketing names (and trademarks) of Cookiebite Limited, an EU Registered Company.

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Experience in software design for CRSs, PMSs, Channel Managers, Ancillary Sales Software, Telephony infrastructure and Follow The Sun technical support, ESBs, and all Hospitality Connectivity Solutions​

Experienced partners, exclusively for support of hospitality venues

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