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Software Development

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Software Development

Custom-written, bespoke software applications for established businesses, blue chips and startups

  • Bespoke Business Applications:  We are very experienced in developing bespoke software solutions, web apps, client portals, android and apple OS apps, and high transaction, high-speed and precision software that fits within existing client ecosystems. Best of breed processes and development control allows for the creation of beautiful, elegant software solutions.
  • Mobile App Development:  We have supported several organisations on the delivery of mobile apps, including games, booking and check-in software for the hotel industry, and even bespoke mobile reporting applications for a travel industry giant. 
  • Agile Web Application Development:  People's lifestyles and companies' demands have changed considerably over the last few years. A 9 to 5 approach to business does not fit the required model any more. For that reason, we offer web applications so companies can have a flexible, cost-effective way to meet the needs of their overall operations. We have already created interactive tools that help build brand loyalty (CRM and Loyalty Software) and elegant response web apps in several other industry sectors. 
  • Your Choice of Tools:  Our pool of developers come with almost all major brand and language accreditation out there - ensuring that when we develop for you, we do it in your language! From Microsoft, to Apple, .NET , all versions of C, Java and Json to frameworks like VueJS, React and Angular - we can make sure we finely tuned with your own ecosystems.
  • Agile Software Development Methodology:  Since the birth of agile, and its various iterations and styles, we have been excelling in project management that is client-friendly. We can adapt to your needs for established methodologies, or we can agree on a custom way to work. We have experience in Agile or Waterfall, Price I or Prince II, and - more importantly - we have experience with multiple types of customers. We know we can adapt to your way of working, because they chances are, we have done it all before!

Having your own software development done, can be big deal. Our software, hardware, and methodology flexibility and in-depth knowledge, allows us to be good partners. We are confident we can help you achieve your goals, on time and within budget!

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