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South America - Health Sector

Remote Diagnostics Machine In Patients Waiting Room

Our most recent major project was in the cutting edge sector of Remote Patient Treatment and Diagnosis

  • Client: South America - Health Sector
  • Date: 2018
  • Info: We powered the development of remote healthcare software and hardware.

The Remote Medical Services Station for Tele-Consultation which as developed by us, offered the necessary medical software and peripherals to allow remote consultation in up to 10 specialities in the Health Sector.

Our development of the station for Remote Medical Services is focused on health-care providers that require constant monitoring of their patients by a specialist, who can now do so remotely! In a project where we had to overcome significant challenges (such as the specific requirement for operation in speciality infusion pump rooms (Rheumatology), Hemodialysis Areas, Emergency Rooms, Recovery Rooms etc. Cookiebite.NET's developers delivered an ultra-secure, dedicated solution, designed to withstand the unique technological and environmental challenges of the health sector.

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