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Consolidated Interface Middleware

Cookiebite.NET is proud to present the Cookiebite Consolidated Interface MiddlewareTM (CCIM) - also known as the 'Plugin Wall'. This solution is designed to help e-commerce and IT specialists in the hotel industry, who aim to bypass the difficulties that come with more than one suppliers providing the CRS, CRM, GDS, Booking Engine, PMS and Channel Manager solutions. By allowing CCIM to handle the interfaces between these systems, you can liberate yourself form the binary question of 'does your system interface with my CRS/PMS/RMS', and you can start asking your suppliers the more difficult questions.

Why Do Hoteliers Need the cookiebite consolidated interface middleware (CCIM)?

When an independent hotel or hotel chain chose between potential technology partners, they will always consider the question: which interfaces are on offer? If a hotel choses a PMS and a CRS, but then find the two systems don’t “talk” to each other, or if either of those systems doesn’t interface to the Channel Manager of choice, then there is a problem. 

The story is the same when a hotel decides to change one of the many partners from its existing ecosystem. The decision of who will replace the incumbent often boils down to which interfaces are on offer. 

We are here to tell you that we have a rather clever solution to this problem. Just like the very large chains out there, we can create a place where all needed interfaces can come together and talk to each other. 

What is the cookiebite consolidated interface middleware?

CCIM is a Plug In Wall. Interfaces between the various systems of a hotel’s ecosystem, talk to each other through a light, fast, secure and ‘mulitlingual’ layer, allowing your ecosystem to go about its business as usual. This way:

  1. You can introduce new interfaces to your ecosystem without needing your partners to develop them.
  2. You can plug and play with interfaces, swapping systems around as needed. Irrespectively of protocols and the way your various partners have set up their systems, if you decide you wish to swap a system with a new one, you can do so with your partners not even needing to notice!

For more information, or simply to have a discussion about how we can support your IT professionals, contact us here.


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